When You Are Changing Schools Of Your Child

Scott Barnett/ May 10, 2016/ Education & Learning

Changing schools can be for different reasons; due to the lack of standards, high fees, unavailability of subjects, moving to a new house/state and much more. So here goes the process again of finding a better school. Just like you did when you were searching for schools when your child was small. So, here are some tips on how to make your best decision again.

Know your reason of changing
As w said this might be for different reasons. Your reason should be the base purpose why you are finding this new school. If this is because you are moving to a new home then you can check the city or nearby schools available for your child. Or if the previous school didn’t have the subjects your child wanted to learn then you need to search for a school that has the certain subjects. Make sure that the staff is engaging and helps children to learn and explore their study areas. If this was because of fee problems, then you need to check for a school that you can pay without being totally penniless.

Look beneath the label
Just because the fee is high it doesn’t mean that the quality is also high. This is why you need to look beneath the label the school has whether its government or even private ruled. Take advice from others but also you need to see for yourself. You can also pay a visit to the school on a normal school day to see how it really functions. Another important factor is to make accounts of the fees you have to pay because it has to fit your budget. International school Bangkok fees will vary from the public school fees.

Take your search online
Google to see the list of schools in the particular area. Also you can view the Google map to see how far they are from your home. Things like this will make your search an easy one. The benefit in checking the school’s online website is you get to know the school’s history, staff, achievements, fees, discipline policies, uniforms, facilities and much more. When you have knowledge about all this you can compare and contrast with all other options as well.

Talk to your child
Sometimes he/she might have strongly argued about changing their school because this is going to be a new change of air, in a new environment, new teachers and with new friends. So, it’s important to talk to them and settle down it. Don’t be too harsh and over react. Be patient and handle the problem carefully. With time they will change and make up their mind. Also just like their first day at school this time they might feel a little nervous. So, try to cheery them up and talk about the different societies and events coming up in the school.

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