What Is Child Negligence?

Scott Barnett/ June 6, 2016/ Education & Learning

Neglecting a child’s basics needs is a form of abuse. But how can a child be neglected? If a child doesn’t get proper love, care and attention, if a child is left hungry, not given enough clothes, medicine and education. Negligence happens when parents can’t take care of their children due to reasons such as family problems and when the parents don’t know how to take care of their children. Putting children in dangerous situations, making children feel completely worthless. Negligence will lead children to suffer from anxiety or anger and they might get addicted to drugs as a result. Sometimes negligence can lead to death.

Children’s health.
Be concerned about your child’s health. Your child’s health includes physical, mental and social well-being. Send your child to a pre-kindergarten at the right age because this will improve your child’s ability to interact with the society. Give more attention to your child’s daily meals encourage your child to eat nutritious food. Make sure they do some exercises and get enough sleep. Make your child get regular checkups so you know your child’s development and don’t forget about vaccines. Ask advises if you have any concerns about your child’s health from your child’s doctor.

Tips to understand child psychology.
Knowing child psychology will help you to understand your child’s needs. Observe your child’s activities this is one of the best method to understand your child in many ways. You can get an idea about how your child study, sleep, eat, drink, play and communicate with others. Observe how your child will react to certain situations. Be your child’s best friend so your kid would be open with you. If your child does any mistake advise him/her in a friendly manner rather than blaming, check this Mandarin preschool in Hong Kong. Spend more time with your child, let them feel that you are there for them. Give your child some responsibilities for example ask your kid to keeps his/her toys back in the box after playing.

Teach your child to have a positive attitude towards life. Try to improve your child’s confidence, ask how his or hers day went, listen to them. Know what your child’s interests such as movies, favorite subjects at school, take your child for a movie that he likes. If you promise your child about a trip or a dinner out keep your promise as this will encourage your child to be honest. Give them some space to develop social skills, let your kid hang around with friends. Even if you are busy with work separate some time to spend with your kid. Be flexible and avoid arguments these tips will help you not only to understand but will also increase the parent-child bond.

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