Are you looking for a course in construction world?

Are you fed up of all hard work you are doing but still going nowhere?

Do you want a licence in any field of construction?

TIV is providing you with the opportunity to get certified and get the authentic licence in the construction world. We have Instructors with 20 to 30 years of experience in a particular field. They will teach you as well as train you and load you with their knowledge and experience. You will learn each and everything according to your course. We offer certificate in bricklayer course, carpentry course Melbourne that is alternative for carpenter apprenticeship, building estimator, site manager/project manager, and, diploma in building and construction etc. We have a course in commercial carpentry apprenticeship as well.   

Our working Strategy:

 Students start their learning with our indoor training and then they are exposed to outdoor training. They have an excellent opportunity to polish their skills in the construction industry and get themselves a certificate and a licence for working as a carpenter.  We have both full time and part time courses. That completely depends on the student what he thinks he needs. For which course he should go and how long he needs to learn. Our instructors make sure that a student is learning all the important things he should know in building construction. We make sure that our students know all the safety measure during work.

Confused about selecting a course?

Get in contact with our advisors. They will talk with you and help you select a course best suited for your abilities. They will help you get a course that will help you to enhance your abilities and know them completely. This will be quite helpful for a student to achieve much more in their career.

TIV is here for you

TIV is here for all those who want to get into the construction industry. We will train you in your desired field. We have experienced trainers who know how to things work in this gigantic industry. We dont disappoint our students and polish them to their best abilities. Contact us for more information. We are here for you all the time. Do we know what we have to do? Why we are here in this industry? We know all the answers students need from us to move forward with a better position towards their goal.

We are sure that our students will be very happy with us because we make sure of it.