Fun And Useful Things-To-Do In Your Summer Holidays

For many of us, summer holidays mean taking long naps, resting and relaxing, enjoying adventure trips and spending so much time playing in the pool with our friends and cousins. Nevertheless, these days of summer breaks come in as a respite, parents do want their children to go to productive workshops which will hail long term benefit for their child. From bartending to attending theatre classes for a few months, you can definitely pursue these courses during your holiday time. Conversely, you might never know it might give you an edge and it may turn into an impressive career out of the knowledge you gain from these classes.
Let us know about a few classes you can definitely opt for during your summer breaks which would be enjoyable, engaging and so much fun as well.

• Driving

People often want to take up lesson on driving when they are ready to buy a new vehicle or wish to soon appear for a driving test to attain a driver’s license. There are so many schools where you can learn the skills of driving, however you will need to make sure that you get hold of an experienced driving instructor.

A reliable and skilled instructor will ensure that the learner learns and understands all the nitty-gritty’s of driving and learn about road safety well. Make sure that the driving instructor you hire comes with good driving experience as he will ensure that you are taught well and gain sound lessons. He must also be an individual who is patient enough and must possess good communication skills as well as teaching skills.

• Swimming classes

Learning how to swim showers you with an added advantage as you may not know how and when it might come as a rescue to you. People learn how to swim for safety reasons, fun as well as to stay fit. These classes also teach you a lot about safety. Be it a river, small pond or your own pool, you will be able to make the most and enjoy all kinds of water related adventures. To add to this, knowing how to swim effortlessly might also save your life, as you might encounter an accident unexpectedly.

• Baking and cooking

With so many reality cooking shows aired every now and then, baking and cooking is no more regarded as a weekend hobby. This summer join in a cooking class, and learn how to make your favorite chocolate cup cake and mango smoothie in a day. You get to learn basic international cuisine and in just about a month or two, you might turn out a professional in this area. There are so many institutes that provide certificate course in confectionary and baking and they are open to working professionals as well as students.

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Things To Consider When You Are Sending Your Child To Primary School

The education of their children is the number one priority for parents. The child’s education starts from the early stages of their life. The stepping stone to education is set in pre-school and it is very important to select a good school. When you are sending your child to school there are many things to consider. Here are few things that may need your attention.

Your child’s needs
When it comes to sending them to an educational institute, the needs of the child is very important. Not every child is same and they are not all in the same level of brain capacity. There are many factors that differentiate each child. The language they speak, the family background and disabilities. So when you select an educational institute for your child the needs of the child should be considered. For example, if your child doesn’t speak any language other than English there are plenty of English primary schools in HongKong where you can send your child. Or if they are disabled there are plenty of institutes which are specialized in special needs children. Most parent choose educational institutes based on their needs not the child’s need and this is a very bad thing to do.

The language they speak
When you select a school for your child, you need to consider the language they speak. If you try to send them to a place where the subjects are taught in a language other than the one they speak, it will be quite difficult for them to understand. For example, if you are sending your child to one of the English primary schools in Hong Kong, you need to make sure that your child’s first language is English. If not sending them there will make it harder for them to understand anything and it will eventually cause them to loseinterest in studies. It is a very negative effect on a child when they lose interest in education from such young age. So you need to be very sensitive when you select a school for them, check this reliable IB schools.

Extra-curricular activities
When it comes to primary schools, you need to consider the extra-curricular activities your child would like to do. Some like sports and some like arts and crafts etc. Whichever they like you need to make sure the school you select has a broad range of activities available to choose from and it is important to make sure that they give a balanced education of both studies and extra-curricular activities. Most primary schools don’t take this very seriously, but it is something you should consider as a parent.

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When You Are Changing Schools Of Your Child

Changing schools can be for different reasons; due to the lack of standards, high fees, unavailability of subjects, moving to a new house/state and much more. So here goes the process again of finding a better school. Just like you did when you were searching for schools when your child was small. So, here are some tips on how to make your best decision again.

Know your reason of changing
As w said this might be for different reasons. Your reason should be the base purpose why you are finding this new school. If this is because you are moving to a new home then you can check the city or nearby schools available for your child. Or if the previous school didn’t have the subjects your child wanted to learn then you need to search for a school that has the certain subjects. Make sure that the staff is engaging and helps children to learn and explore their study areas. If this was because of fee problems, then you need to check for a school that you can pay without being totally penniless.

Look beneath the label
Just because the fee is high it doesn’t mean that the quality is also high. This is why you need to look beneath the label the school has whether its government or even private ruled. Take advice from others but also you need to see for yourself. You can also pay a visit to the school on a normal school day to see how it really functions. Another important factor is to make accounts of the fees you have to pay because it has to fit your budget. International school Bangkok fees will vary from the public school fees.

Take your search online
Google to see the list of schools in the particular area. Also you can view the Google map to see how far they are from your home. Things like this will make your search an easy one. The benefit in checking the school’s online website is you get to know the school’s history, staff, achievements, fees, discipline policies, uniforms, facilities and much more. When you have knowledge about all this you can compare and contrast with all other options as well.

Talk to your child
Sometimes he/she might have strongly argued about changing their school because this is going to be a new change of air, in a new environment, new teachers and with new friends. So, it’s important to talk to them and settle down it. Don’t be too harsh and over react. Be patient and handle the problem carefully. With time they will change and make up their mind. Also just like their first day at school this time they might feel a little nervous. So, try to cheery them up and talk about the different societies and events coming up in the school.

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How To Start Your Own School

Starting a school can be a hectic affair. There are many things which you will have to oversee in order for your school to be run effectively as possible. You will have to talk to students, teachers and investment agencies. You will need a strong business plan and a vision as to what you want your school to be like. Here is how you can start your own school or institute:

BUILD A STRONG CASEYou must try your best to build a strong case. This will help you start your own school in no time. There are many schools which have not been planned well and which seem to be of poor quality. Try to study the rules of how institutes must operate and as to how many schools are opened in the area. If you have a strong case you will be able to grow your course layout well this applies to any IELTS coaching that you plan on offering to any pupils. ATTAIN STRONG SUPPORT It is important that when you are planning a large project like a school that you have the necessary support from the relevant authorities. You must understand that if you hire the wrong people to teach the parents might refuse to enroll their children too. It is important that you have support from the government and religious institutions. You must be aware of any changes in the rules and legislations of the country. Sometimes political activities can affect the school.

DEVELOP A STRONG BUSINESS PLAN You must develop a strong business plan which will be approved by financial authorities. You must try to get a parent who is an accountant so that you can reduce accounting costs. Try to figure out the overall funding as well as staffing needs. Attain all the employee plans so that you won’t be going against any laws. Make sure your plan emphasizes on the courses you plan on having like english tutor in Parramatta which will teach children English especially if they plan on attending a university.

DECIDE ON A LOCATION You must carefully decide on a location. The location or venue of the school matters a great deal. It must abide by the laws of planning and construction and it must not be close to any factories which emit harmful gases. Look for residential as well as commercial areas which are safe for kids. The neighborhood is an important element especially if you plan on starting a school. Keep in mind you must go through several sites in order to determine the best venue .Ask the planning authorities on the venues you must seek and avoid.

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