How To Improve Your Makeup Skills?

Scott Barnett/ July 5, 2016/ Training & Skill Development

It is highly impossible to find out one girl who does not want to play with makeup. Yes, makeup and girls have an intimate connection between them. But do you know that makeup is an art? If you cannot be able to makeup properly, then you will look worst instead of the best. So, having right makeup skills is an

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What Is Child Negligence?

Scott Barnett/ June 6, 2016/ Education & Learning

Neglecting a child’s basics needs is a form of abuse. But how can a child be neglected? If a child doesn’t get proper love, care and attention, if a child is left hungry, not given enough clothes, medicine and education. Negligence happens when parents can’t take care of their children due to reasons such as family problems and when the

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