Why Should You Encourage Hobbies

Scott Barnett/ January 21, 2019/ Education & Learning/ 0 comments

Majority of the population of children in the current era do not possess a hobby or even play games, while they prefer to spend time on a screen instead. A hobby of either reading, collecting, or maybe even playing a board game or outdoor games, is compulsory to be encouraged among the younger generations, here is why and how respectively;

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Tips On How To Train Your New Employees To Give Their Best

Scott Barnett/ December 4, 2017/ Training & Skill Development

More often than not, new businessmen start off their companies or businesses with an exclusive group of employees. Gradually, with the increasing of the work load, that amount of employees increases too. If this is the situation you are facing, then we are sure you’re feeling a little apprehensive about hiring new people. Here are a few tips to make

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