As we have got extensive programs through which you will be able to get into medical schools. We will assist you through different programs, each program has its own different stages and then you can get the maximum answers to the questions that you can face in the real test. As it is not easy to get into med schools so we make sure that you cover all the aspects of UCAT medical test in here so that you can be successful and your future is also depending on it.

We have got different training programs like UCAT preparation in which you can enrol your self and study what is required from you. Our programs include year 10, 11 and 12. All of these three years are extensive study programs and you will be moulded into a shape which is required for your entry.

All of the years have their own different sessions and the sessions cover different content. As you move forward, the speed of your study will also increase and there will be a much higher pressure to face, all is done to ensure that you solve the maximums problems in the minimum time possible. There are calendars available on our website and you can download them in PDF for each year. It will give you an idea that how the study will progress. Each study day and holiday has been mentioned in it. In sessions of the year, there are different contents to study, for instance you will study verbal reasoning in session one of year 10 but same goes for year 11 and 12. The only difference is the advancement so you can handle more reasoning with different logics and techniques. Same goes for all other contents.

A single session runs for 10 weeks and there are total of 5 sessions in year 10, 11 and 12. The cost per week is $50 for year 10 and 11. There are total 50 weeks in a year. The cost of year 12 is slightly higher as there is advanced study and more contents to discuss so the cost of year 12 session one is $50 a week and session two is $60 a week and it costs $70 a week for session three. Year 12 is a little bit expensive than the rest of other programs but it is worth it because it is the final year and there is so much to discuss and study. If you go through all the sessions then we assure you that you will definitely get into medical school without any worries since you have covered everything in these sessions.