As it is the modern age, and demands of more and more work are increasing day by day. For the convenience of men, handsets or mobile phones were generated so that it may ease the work. Now smart phone are so common as they are mostly available in every single house. Both the parents i.e. father and mother do jobs and to remain busy their child and avoid him from making noise, they are also handed over with the smart phone or tablet. This act is really very dangerous for the mental health and growth of the child. It is commonly seen that children using smart phone or tablets start showing different abnormalities in them. Those children who use tablets and smart phone start speaking after a long time. I can make them insomnia patient i.e. their sleep may disturb. As cell phones and tablets emit microwave radiations and their range is at least 6 inches so it would be better to keep cell phone and tablets more than 6 inches far from your infant. As radiations are passed through it so more and more use of it can cause a lack of calcium in bones which may weaken them, it also affects the eyesight and can cause many other skin problems.

At least 2 to 3 years children must not be handed over cell phones. Even though cell phones should be allowed after 12 or 14 years. According to a vast survey it has been seen that children are handed over with tablets and cell phones in the age of 5 or 6. Although it may remain advantageous that can keep in contact with your child and can know about them the disadvantage is that these gadgets have so many apps and games in them which may affect the time of study and just waste time which can be used any favorable task or work.

It must be taken under great consideration that parents spend time with their child and talk to them, long conversations should be done in between them. Parents should bring some sensory therapy toys according to their child age and also play along with them. For the younger ones, different things can be memorized by using autism sensory toys Australia such as the difference between different colors. The concept of shape and size and similarities and differences can be learned by using different types and styles of blocks. Children could be allowed to a set of puzzles which help them in learning that how to cop up with a problem and how could it be solved and along with this it also increase the mental ability of the child. If any kind of disorder is seen in them then they could be brought to the therapist who may tackle the problem. Such kind of children who are already suffering from the problem should never be handed over to the gadgets just because of their wish because these things just only increase the disorder. The best therapy for the children is the time of parents.