For a lot of teenagers learning driving is just as important as anything they face in their life. However. Every teenager dreams of having their own driving licensed and they have being prepared for this for a long time. There are certain things we all need to follow when it comes for driving. Be it teenagers or even adults we all have to follow the same rule and be a good example for the teenagers. With time teen drivers have the highest risk of crashing. Since most of them are under the influence of alcohol. As a parent you should be active and teach them what the major road rules are.

Always wear your seat belt

When it comes for most of the behavior change programs. One of the major things they teach is about the driver’s safety. You have to make sure that you always wear a seat belt, even if its for a short trip. According to certain researchers it is said that most of the teens are being killed in road accidents because they were not wearing seat belts. When it comes for seat belts. It works because it actually distributes forced from a car crash across the chest and the pelvis area. Since those are some of the strongest areas in the body. This can prevent huge accidents that can happen to you.

Keep the mobile phone away

Apart from Vicroads behaviour change program, one of the major things we also need to think and consider is about the use of mobile phones. Most of the learners are not allowed to use the mobile phones at all while driving. Since you should be concentrated more on the road than the mobile phones. Before you operate your car you have to make sure that you switch of your phone, or keep it away for a while till you reach the destination.

Stick to a speed limit

Over speeding can literally kill anyone. Be it the person inside the car or the person who’s walking beside. You have to make sure you always stick to a certain limit. So you have to remember to not keep a pressure with other vehicles around. Keeping the speed to a limit will keep you and the passers safe. It will also reduce any kind of traffics fines that will come incase if you end up speeding over a limit.