Fun And Useful Things-To-Do In Your Summer Holidays

Scott Barnett/ May 25, 2016/ Education & Learning

For many of us, summer holidays mean taking long naps, resting and relaxing, enjoying adventure trips and spending so much time playing in the pool with our friends and cousins. Nevertheless, these days of summer breaks come in as a respite, parents do want their children to go to productive workshops which will hail long term benefit for their child.

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When You Are Changing Schools Of Your Child

Scott Barnett/ May 10, 2016/ Education & Learning

Changing schools can be for different reasons; due to the lack of standards, high fees, unavailability of subjects, moving to a new house/state and much more. So here goes the process again of finding a better school. Just like you did when you were searching for schools when your child was small. So, here are some tips on how to

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How To Start Your Own School

Scott Barnett/ May 5, 2016/ Education & Learning

Starting a school can be a hectic affair. There are many things which you will have to oversee in order for your school to be run effectively as possible. You will have to talk to students, teachers and investment agencies. You will need a strong business plan and a vision as to what you want your school to be like.

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